Natalie White is a provocative and progressive feminist artist, best known for her self-portrait work with Giant Polaroid photography, and her contributions as a “muse” to the work of many of today’s art and fashion luminaries.

Growing up in a small town in West Virginia, Natalie first gained attention internationally as a young model, featured on the covers of numerous European magazines. Never one to shy away from the risqué, she was also notably the first American ever featured in French Playboy. Her creative drive and unapologetic spirit quickly led her towards more collaborative ventures with artists such as Peter Beard, George Condo, Olivier Zahm, Michael Dweck, Will Cotton, Spencer Tunick, and Sean Lennon.

In 2013, at the “Who Shot Natalie White” show, amidst a retrospective of 25 different artists for whom she has been a muse, Natalie debuted herself as a solo artist. Through this series of double exposed Giant Polaroid nudes, she re-defined herself as “her own muse.”

As a leader in female empowerment and self-affirmation through art, Natalie also works in activations for women’s rights. She has performed at the “Art Basel Miami Women in Art Benefit” in collaboration with the Brooklyn Museum’s Elizabeth Sackler Center, as well as the “Natalie White for Equal Rights” show at The Hole, New York – a follow up to which will happen in early 2016, promoting the fight for inclusion of the Equal Rights Amendment to the constitution.