Urgent / Tuesday Feb. 14, 2017

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We have some incredibly urgent legislature coming up today, and if you have any contacts in NC (or other states that haven passed the ERA, including Virginia) please encourage them to begin engaging with all social groups one may be connected with, along with new ones, for instance; judges, lawyers and legal associations or schools from elementary to university along with the school board and professors suggesting it be a focus of the curriculum! Take on what matters in places you already are because this affects all of us. Passing the ERA is imperative and we can’t do it alone, however we can pass this together!

The ERA is not only an issue for women…It will benefit our families, men, children, the entire financial structure of our country, showing the pioneering energy of America, with a ripple effect across the globe! Our children will inherit a better world.  



On Valentine’s Day, February 14, (TODAY) the Equal Rights Amendment will be introduced in both houses of the NC General Assembly.

Chief sponsors Sen. Floyd McKissick and Rep. Carla Cunningham will speak on the legislation at 2:30 pm in the legislative press conference room. Leaders of the ERA-NC Alliance will also speak at the news conference.

Essentially, we have two days from the time of introduction to gather co-sponsors for the bill. It then gets sent to a committee. There’s not a number of co-sponsors required for it to go to committee. Yet, the more co-sponsors there are, the better — it carries more power. After the 2-day window, it is good to continue approaching representatives as it makes its way through the committee and on to vote. So please call your own House and Senate members today and urge them to cosponsor this ERA legislation. In 2015 one-third of the House members signed on. Let’s top that this time, and push the ERA to victory in 2017!
please forward the email and the attachments to their friends all around The State ASAP to contact their Reps (Bullet item #2 on attached postcard.)

Base talking points:
I believe in telling my Reps that :I am committed to support only elected reps. & candidates who support The ERA.
Please send out far and wide to your friends & family state-wide ( NOT just that they do this, also that they ask all to do so as well)

My friend Amanda Krauss is on the ground in North Carolina – and open for contact – should anyone need help in this process. Everyone is busy and I we all need help sometimes to keep things simple and stand up for what we believe! 

Her contact information: 

Amanda Krause

Ratify ERA-NC Asheville


IF their Reps. do no get on as co-sponsors they should all be pushing to get them to vote for the ERA when the legislation is before them. And, to let them know that all eyes are on their votes.

The legislation does not yet have a bill number, we don’t know which committee it will go to or if it will be tacked onto other legs., we will follow closely and report to all as soon as we know (or if someone else wants to watch closely and report to us that would be fantastic!


Section 1. Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.
Section 2. The Congress shall have the power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article.
Section 3. This amendment shall take effect two years after the date of ratification.
To find your lawmakers’ contact information, go to the legislative websitehttp://ncleg.net

Included here are some helpful tools to help you and your contacts with state legislators about cosponsoring the ERA. Including a chart, put together by Ann Von Brock, listing all the legislators, whether they cosponsored the ERA in 2015, and their responses (if any) to our candidate survey.Post Card Even if your legislator(s) previously cosponsored and said yes to our survey, please do contact them right away. You can thank them for past support and/or pledges of support. But they must hear from many constituents anyway, so that they know how important this issue is. http://www.ratifyera-nc.org/



“Rebels don’t produce change by fanning their own anger. You have to learn to save your outrage and focus.” -Shami Chakrabati

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