Feminist Supporters: Lawrence Benenson & Elyse Harary show me Burning Man

Elise Harary, Lawrence Benenson

Elise Harary, Lawrence Benenson



These are two people who I am honored to call my friends. They are great supporters of art, feminism, and my using my art to shed light upon the need for the Equal Rights Amendment in this country. I have had the extreme pleasure to be part of their creative process at Burning Man this past week.

As you can see here, it has been a lovely experience.

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Burning Man is has taught me the value of our footprint as humans on this earth, and how we can mitigate a great deal of the damage we naturally cause. It has also taught me the beautiful results of team work, and the power of art under a endlessly big sky, via the rituals of artistic creation. I feel strongly this is a tradition that should go on expanding the horizons of people for years to come.

I look forward to seeing and participating in the power of Burning Man http://burningman.org and enjoying the amazingly positive energy, in the future. And, today I am enjoying the here and now…the transience of the art. Art, much of which will never be created or seen again requires I stay in the moment. These art pieces are present for those lucky enough to witness them. Pieces to be carried away after the burning of the man on the final day, and brought back to places all around the world, in our minds eyes alone.

Feminism and art are intertwined through history. Often the act of a woman creating art is, in itself a representation of feminine strength, and the people supporting this strength. This time on a desert with other creative people, in nearly meditative creation, through sands and winds, and sun traveling across the sky, gives me the energy to fight the good fight for the Equal Rights Amendment. Congress, here I come, for the American People. It will happen.

Thank you to Elise and Lawrence for the support and belief in what I am, and what I am trying to accomplish. Thank you for a new artistic experience.

Let us all keep our eye on the goal! #MarchForERA