Jacki Zehner / Goldman Sachs / Women Moving Millions #MarchForERA

I emphatically agree with Jacki Zehner, chief engagement officer of Women Moving Millions, when she speaks about the benefits and needs of corporations to understand “how to advance a gender equity agenda more seriously.” The financial services have a huge opportunity to take their years of research on gender equality and make a difference. 

Having been a dealer in the art world for quite a few years I have had the opportunity to spend time with some powerful people in the finance world, many great supporters of feminism and feminist artist. This is a dialog we do have, that does need to move to action, and in my opinion, it can be put into effect now, if only the effort is made by the financial services sector in general, benefiting everyone in the process.

“In the early 2000s there were some studies out there making the business case for women, but nowhere near where we are today,” Zehner says. “Now, the case has been made.”

Zehner goes on to to say, “This case holds that companies with more gender diversity on their boards, leadership teams, and workforces do better in multiple ways. As well, researchers stress the growing wealth in the hands of women investors and also the critical ways in which women entrepreneurs drive new business creation and job growth. More broadly, there’s now widespread understanding that empowering women is a key to any nation’s overall economic growth and dynamism.”

Check out the full article from Inside Philanthropy, written by writer Kiersten Marek. http://www.insidephilanthropy.com/home/2016/6/20/the-case-has-been-made-a-philanthropist-pushes-business-on-g.html