#Female Leaders In Tech: A Social Media Revolution #We Rise Together

Purple Clover Magazine http://www.purpleclover.com has collaborated on a campaign with The 8 App and it will open up our world.


This creation has been created, evolved, & is now headed by Sue Fennessyhttps://youtu.be/BP0Xd3Osv8g (@FennessySue), partnering with the incredibly talented & visionary Sonja Nuttall https://www.linkedin.com/in/sonjanuttall & it changes this formula of social media making all the money off of you with no reciprocality …Allowing us to get paid for what we post on social media.



The 8 App & Purple Clover Magazine have launched a campaign that could win someone up to 5000K & simultaneously allows you to start your amazingly homegrown network directly into your 8 App feed… #WeRiseTogether 


How Does It Work?!

  1. Download The8App on iPhone and/or Android
  2. Follow @PurpleClover
  3. Create a post and hashtag #WeRiseTogether
  4. Invite your friends and make sure you’re the first person that they follow.
  5. Winners will be decided by the number of your friends that follow you first.

Then keep creating and using The8App and continue to earn! 

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And we will all …


#WeRiseTogether! #NatalieWhiteLoves 

This company, this energy, this creative process on The8App is very important to me. It represents many things I support. Women in Tech, financial independence for artists/creatives of all kinds, the ability to own what we produce and get paid back for it.

When we post on social media we are posting our lives, loves, passions. We empower ourselves and others. This social media platform is a true equalizer.

And lastly, not a more genuinely positive, diverse, and hard working group of people will you meet. They love visits, as I found out, and if you are in NYC use @The8App on The8App and say hello!