Forbes Magazine Article – by Kurt McVey Natalie White Artist Face of #ERAnow #MarchForERA


…. On Thursday, January 19th, the artist, activist, and once and future muse, Natalie White was found guilty on charges of “defacing public or private property” for spray-painting “ERA NOW” in large red letters on the steps of The Capitol Building, an offense she originally committed back in July, 2016. White will have to pay a $50 fine and is ordered to stay away from the Capitol for six months unless she plans to meet with legislators, lawmakers or other congress people in an effort to finally pass the Equal Rights Amendment. White represented herself in court and personally negotiated this visitation caveat as well as a reduced fine after prosecutors recommended a heftier sentence. White, who surely brought a cinematic Warholian flare to the proceedings, did receive prior council from the famed D.C. first amendment attorney Mark Goldstone and the celebrated civil rights attorney Ron Kuby. Her friends and fellow women’s rights activists, Lizzy Jagger, daughter of Mick and Jerry Hall, and Academy Award winning actress Patricia Arquette were on hand to witness exchanges such as this: