Election 2016 – Where do we go from here? We FIGHT harder. #EqualMeansEqual


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The election results teach us that democracy is not granted. It is not on auto pilot. Democracy requires we the people be involved in every single aspect from local through the national arena. This means to educate every citizen on the laws. We have an opportunity to show the next generation what it means to work and gain our freedoms in the face of seemingly overwhelming odds. Is this not what this country is born for, is this not what the last few hundred years of fighting for equality for all men, women and children in this country (and globally – if we protect other countries we protect ourselves) have taught us?! #OnWard #KeepFighting #NatalieWhiteForEqualRights #Democracy


Shown above is my sculpture “Sisters of Liberty”. It was placed at the Washington Mall the day before the election.

It reminds me we have an obligation to all men and women of this country, as citizens of a democracy, to use our voices. All people deserve a fair democracy. We need to work with government to create transparency, improving the laws, and showing the world the great country that is the United States of America.

The Equal Rights Amendment is a piece of legislature that will help to protect against many forms of devastating and undermining prejudices in society. The passing of it will help not only women, men, the LBGT community, minorities, and therefore every person in our society by extension.

Let’s get the Equal Rights Amendment passed and work toward a more balanced country, sending a sign of unity and capable democracy, influencing the world in a positive way.


I am Natalie White (Artist/Activist/Feminist/VOICE). #Onward